How does TCM deal with depression?


According to traditional Chinese medicine, anxiety/stress/depression is caused by an imbalance within organ systems that results in dysregulation of the brain function influenced by a variety of pathological mechanisms.

It may be caused by stagnation of Qi (vital energy), dysregulation of blood circulation, excessive of inner heat, dampness and phlegm. The root cause often lies on Liver, Heart andor Spleen which are the key organ systems that govern the emotional balance.

A TCM practitioner typically identifies the principal cause of depression that is unique to each patient and adopts an acupuncture or medical treatment to release the stagnated vital energy, supplemented by activating blood circulation, suppressing inflammation, or by eliminating phlegm and dampness.

Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety and Depression

What Causes Anxiety and Depression?


  • The post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stems from a terrifying event, violent assault, military combat, accident or a natural disaster
  • Often triggered by life events such as financial -, relationship -, and family problems
  • In general, the exact cause for anxiety disorder is largely unknown. But it is not the result of poor upbringing or personal weakness
  • Mostly caused by a combination of factors including changes in the brain and environmental stress                                                                                                               What are the benefits of TCM?
  • Soothes the liver and clears the liver qi stagnation
  • Harmonizes the interdependent functioning of heart and kidney
  • Revitalizes your energy levels
  • Improves sleep
  • Non-toxic nature of treatment
  • Holistic treatment plan for body, mind & lifestyle

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Anxiety and Depression
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