Using Holistic TCM Treatments to Help With Depression and Grief: A Successful Case Sharing

Main treatment methods: acupuncture (head and body), gua-sha, sound healing; herbal med to strengthen the lung system, promote better sleep and stabilize the emotion Treatment period: 3 months at weekly basis, then ease out to bi-weekly basis. After 6 months, patient only come when she has serious emotional disturbance or physical issue.

Main treatment methods: acupuncture and gua sha(face and head) Treatment period: 3 months (11 sessions) Frequency: once per week (first 8 sessions) once in every 2 weeks (last 3 sessions)

Obesity in addition to diet and exercise-related, more importantly, is about metabolism, when the internal organs are dysfunctional, in charge of digestion and absorption, water and blood circulation of the liver, spleen, stomach, kidney function imbalance, easy to cause qi stagnation, ...

健康減重除了和飲食運動之外,更重要的是提升新陳代謝。 當臟腑肝脾腎胃等功能失去平衡,影響到消化、吸收、水液代謝及氣血循環,易引起氣滯、濕盛等體質問題。

"Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has gradually gained public attention over the past decade. The focus of attention is mainly on the brain level, with major studies on brain waves,etc.

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly painful experience. Their death can feel like an overwhelming weight on one’s shoulders. In most of my clinical cases of grieving, my clients experience intense and difficult emotions, such as deep sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness.

The causes of ADHD are many and varied. In addition to the physiological need to regain balance, there may also be an internal desire to attract the attention of family members through these movements.

Anxiety is quite complicated because it involves the mind, emotions and the body. And the trigger of anxiety is always generated from the mind: how you look at the world, how you view yourself, how you cope with challenging situations in life etc. So the treatment for anxiety needs to be very holistic.

I often meet couples who are trying to conceive in the clinic, so I would like to share with you how Chinese medicine can help you to improve your body functions and increase your chances of conceiving, as well as some frequently asked questions.
Nowadays, due to the high pressure of life, coupled with dietary and environmental changes, infertility is indeed increasing.

A combination of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine) and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
To Chinese medicine, poor mood is due to the stagnation of qi, , the clinical manifestations of complex, such as depression and menopausal syndromes and other illnesses, due to the emotional disorders, resulting in internal organs and..

What should pregnant women do during and after pregnancy to nourish their body and relieve the discomfort during pregnancy?
In Chinese medicine, " morning sickness" is a sign that the stomach's Qi is unable to go down and goes up. At this time, the principle of diet should be to eat small and frequent meals, and it is recommended that meals be separated from the water.

~Moxibustion slowly regulates women’s internal environment, and the effect is very good~ For common gynecological problems such as menstrual cramps, uterine fibroids, and gynecological inflammation, what other methods besides herbal medicine and acupuncture can support the patients? You may have heard of moxibustion, but what are the benefits of this treatment for gynecological diseases? How do they work?

What are the best TCM treatments for the skin? Usually if you're seeking for some treatment for your skin, especially on your face, we suggest facial acupuncture and also the gua sha treatment or some body work services like working on your neck and shoulder and the head and in the whole system. So those are the treatments we recommend for the scheme purpose.

As a visiting practitioner, I often travel between Taiwan and Hong Kong, and in the midst of changing spaces, it is a good time to rest, to let my body and mind relax and empty out, in order to prepare for the incoming cases. In many cases, "sleeplessness" or insomnia is a common theme that has plagued the cases for a long time and requires a certain amount of time to help.

The mother of a four-year-old child came to the treatment room and sat across from me. Sitting across the table from me, she described how she wanted to have another child, but had tried many times, had used artificial insemination methods, but had been unsuccessful in conceiving a child. During the process, she mentioned that she had once conceived a child naturally, but had a miscarriage when she was more than four months pregnant. The mother involuntarily burst into tears.

Misplacing objects, not being able to think of the right words, not being able to remember what you’ve just read, forgetting what you’ve come to do when you’re walking somewhere, losing concentration, if you find that you’re forgetting more than you used to.

s the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people worldwide, it has become clear that the virus can impact each person differently. Some people may experience severe respiratory symptoms, while others may be asymptomatic. However, regardless of the severity of the symptoms, the virus has the potential to impact many different parts of the body and can lead to a range of post-recovery symptoms.

When we experience emotions, they can have a significant impact on our bodies, including our digestive system. The liver is the first organ that emotions affect, and it plays a crucial role in regulating Qi, or vital energy, in the body.

During a session on body sensation, we found that most people can feel where their head, neck, hands, and feet are located. Compared to these areas, many people have difficulty connecting to local areas such as the upper and lower abdomen and breasts, unless they have a medical condition, such as gastritis or menstruation.

I believe that many of my friends have also experienced big and small twists and turns in their lives during the three years of the epidemic. Now that the end of the epidemic is approaching, we will also face various challenges in the post-covid era. In the past three years, I have treated many patients who were troubled by emotions and insomnia, which gave me a new understanding of the role of Chinese medicine in the treatment of related diseases.

From the Chinese medicine perspective, anxiety is an accumulation of emotional patterns that is most of the time related to our liver, spleen, and heart. This emotion is mainly caused by liver qi stagnation, heart and spleen deficiency.

Twelve-year-old Xuanxuan came to me seeking help with weight loss. I was initially surprised that a young girl going through puberty would be concerned with losing weight, but her body shape was indeed on the heavier side.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Detox

New Year is one of the best times of the year to detox; to cleanse and remove the toxins that we got from the foods, drinks and stresses that we had during the holidays. Traditional Chinese medicine is effective when you are planning to detox. Let’s start with looking at the common toxins from the TCM perspective.

No.1 Triggers, Symptoms, TCM’s understanding
● Common Triggers
1. Bereavement: eg. losing loved ones, break-up
2. Key life events: eg. job promotion, getting married, pregnancy, divorce
3. Rejection: eg. enrollment exams, appling jobs, social rejection
4. Stress: inducing hormonal changes

Body-Emotions Connection: From the Five Elements Chinese Medicine Perspective

Recently, there is a word that keeps popping up in my life: “post-covid”. We are definitely stepping into this special stage with more and more challenges. Having seen a lot of clients who were bothered by insomnia, distress, anxiety etc, I’d like to take this chance to share some interesting knowledge about how we make use of five elements Chinese medicine theory to explain the connection between our body and emotions.

Facial Acupuncture for Younger and Healthier Skin

Facial acupuncture is getting popular nowadays. Most people see facial acupuncture for cosmetic reasons but its benefits go way beyond what the eyes can see. Yes it addresses the signs of aging but mostly, facial acupuncture improves the overall health of our skin.

Stiff neck? Acupuncture can help!

Have you ever experienced the stiff neck after getting up from the bed? The entire neck feels freeze with movement restriction, maybe headache and muscle tenderness as well. Sometimes it lasts around 3-4 days and gets recovered by itself, but sometimes it can last for over a month.

Chinese medicine understands hormonal imbalance especially for women’s health

Uncontrolled and continuous weight gain is one of the most common women’s health challenges today. Staying on healthy weight is important to ensuring that our overall health condition and wellbeing is in good condition.

What Causes Hormonal Imbalance: How Hormonal Imbalance Lead to Weight Gain

Hormonal Imbalance is one of the health conditions faced by women in the modern world. Hormonal imbalance can result in long-term concerns such as fertility and pregnancy issues and more.

Know How to Achieve the Neutral Body Constitution Through Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part 3)

Ever wonder why some people the same age as yours look younger and healthier than yours? Balanced body, radiant complexion, more energetic and better ability to adapt to the environment? Well, there is nothing to panic about.

Chinese Medicine Body Type: Learn How Qi Stagnation, Blood Stasis, Phlegm-Dampness and Damp-Heat Impact Your Health (Part 2)

In the first part of this 3-blog series, we have explained the importance of understanding your body constitution to your health.

Know Your Body Type: The Importance of Body Constitution to Boost Health (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why your body would have some tendency to get those small ailments?

How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Help In Your Fertility Journey

Chinese medicine believes that our body is interconnected and every part is integral to the healthy functionality of the whole.

Understanding Long Covid Through the Lens of TCM

What is Long Covid Syndrome? WHO defines Long covid, or post covid condition as follows: “Post-COVID-19 condition occurs in individuals with a history of probable or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection...

TCM Herbal Tips & Recipes During Covid

Immunity boost is one the top priorities of most of us today. As it says, the best gift that we can give to our family and ourselves nowadays is good health.

How Chinese Herbs Help Prevent Covid Symptoms and Other Diseases

Chinese herbal therapy is an important core of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The same as with acupuncture, cupping and other TCM practices, the therapy aims to strengthen our body’s resistance or immunity to bacteria and viruses around us.

Acupuncture Shows Effectiveness in TMJ & Facial Paralysis Recovery

Acupuncture is one of the most effective holistic traditional Chinese medicine treatments today. Some people deem it as a miracle treatment as it can improve our quality of life. It can help treat various medical conditions.

Virtual Health Consultations and Treatments in Time of the Pandemic: How Do These Benefit Us?

The covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives now. Some of us need professional assistance to help us alleviate the covid-19 symptoms, while others are in search of experts to help boost their physical and mental health.

TCM & Covid Symptoms: Effective Herbal Therapy Recipes and Other Tips to Manage Mild Symptoms

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been helping us improve our holistic self-care for several centuries now.

Infertility Problems Today: A Clinical Guide to Your Fertility Journey

Infertility problems are becoming prevalent nowadays. In a 2020 report released by WHO, 15% or 48 million of couples in the world are infertile. The modern times have brought in factors and stressors that resulted in this trend.

Facial Acupuncture: The Natural & Holistic Approach to beauty!

Have you ever felt the curiosity of trying a different approach when it comes to facial treatment? Heard of Facial Acupuncture and wonder how these work?

Chinese Medicine Healthy Tea Soup for Women’s Fertility Detox

In Dr. Grace’s infertility treatment in the past few years, apart from applying acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other natural treatments to help the patient’s body achieve a healthy balance. She also creates the most basic state of healthy conception.

The Painless Acupuncture: Abdominal Acupuncture with Michelle Zhang

The word “acupuncture” would trigger feelings of fear when it connects the automatic association with needle and sting. Many people would hesitate to give it a try even though they learn that acupuncture is quite helpful.

Uterus Cleansing and Nourishing Chinese Tea by Dr. Grace Yu

Motherwort ( Leonurus artemisia ) Uterus nourishing & cleansing Drink: This is one of the recipes of “Dried Fruit Herbal Tea” developed by Dr. Grace. It is a combination of dried fruit and herbal medicine

Benefits of Virtual Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation

The current global pandemic amplified cases of anxiety, depression, and imbalance within our body. Dr. Grace Yu, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner places the utmost importance on maintaining a balance within our body in

How does cupping therapy help for detoxification?

Cupping therapy is a minimally invasive treatment. The self-healing process is activated when the body receives signals of this minor injury.

How to deal with Mask Acne?

Lately a lot of patients consult about how to treat mask acne. They mostly have visited dermatologists and were prescribed antibiotics and medicinal creams such as Adapalene (Differin) or Benzoyl Peroxide.

What Does Your Period Say About Your Body Type?

As a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, these seemingly ordinary questions can be very helpful for me to understand a woman’s health condition and her unique body type, thus allowing me to customize an h

How does acupuncture support men during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

Experts estimate that 40% of couples with infertility issues are due to women while 30 % of the issues are related to men and 30% of couples suffer from unexplained infertility.

Chinese Medicine’s approach in Dealing with Depression

Why One Must Take Care of the Womb?

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help with Infertility Problems?

The 5 Power Foods to Strengthen your Immune System

How to increase Fertility with Chinese medicine?

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

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