Facial Acupuncture: The Natural & Holistic Approach to beauty!

Have you ever felt the curiosity of trying a different approach when it comes to facial treatment? Heard of Facial Acupuncture and wonder how these work?

Chinese Medicine Healthy Tea Soup for Women’s Fertility Detox

In Dr. Grace’s infertility treatment in the past few years, apart from applying acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other natural treatments to help the patient’s body achieve a healthy balance. She also creates the most basic state of healthy conception.

The Painless Acupuncture: Abdominal Acupuncture with Michelle Zhang

The word “acupuncture” would trigger feelings of fear when it connects the automatic association with needle and sting. Many people would hesitate to give it a try even though they learn that acupuncture is quite helpful.

Uterus Cleansing and Nourishing Chinese Tea by Dr. Grace Yu

Motherwort ( Leonurus artemisia ) Uterus nourishing & cleansing Drink: This is one of the recipes of “Dried Fruit Herbal Tea” developed by Dr. Grace. It is a combination of dried fruit and herbal medicine

Benefits of Virtual Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation

The current global pandemic amplified cases of anxiety, depression, and imbalance within our body. Dr. Grace Yu, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner places the utmost importance on maintaining a balance within our body in

How does cupping therapy help for detoxification?

Cupping therapy is a minimally invasive treatment. The self-healing process is activated when the body receives signals of this minor injury.

How to deal with Mask Acne?

Lately a lot of patients consult about how to treat mask acne. They mostly have visited dermatologists and were prescribed antibiotics and medicinal creams such as Adapalene (Differin) or Benzoyl Peroxide.

What Does Your Period Say About Your Body Type?

As a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, these seemingly ordinary questions can be very helpful for me to understand a woman’s health condition and her unique body type, thus allowing me to customize an h

How does acupuncture support men during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

Experts estimate that 40% of couples with infertility issues are due to women while 30 % of the issues are related to men and 30% of couples suffer from unexplained infertility.

Chinese Medicine’s approach in Dealing with Depression

Why One Must Take Care of the Womb?

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help with Infertility Problems?

The 5 Power Foods to Strengthen your Immune System

How to increase Fertility with Chinese medicine?

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

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