Chinese Medicine Doctor and Fertility Expert’s Professional Perspective on Infertility and Trauma Associated With It

Chinese Medicine Doctor and Fertility Expert’s Professional Perspective on Infertility and Trauma Associated With It

The mother of a four-year-old child came to the treatment room and sat across from me.

Sitting across the table from me, she described how she wanted to have another child, but had tried many times, had used artificial insemination methods, but had been unsuccessful in conceiving a child. During the process, she mentioned that she had once conceived a child naturally, but had a miscarriage when she was more than four months pregnant. The mother involuntarily burst into tears.

As an infertility specialist, it is important to create a safe space in the consultation room to listen to the trauma created by the pains and anxieties that cannot normally be described. It must be said that regardless of the circumstances or reasons for the miscarriage, very few people are able to talk about their own experiences freely and openly. It is because of the complexity of their inner emotions, and also because of the voices and thoughts around them, which are unable to be digested properly, and are transformed into other life issues that are more understandable. These issues may include the lack of self-confidence, conflict between husband and wife, and so on. Bottom line, most people in our society don’t know how to deal with loss and pain.

Sadness, every woman feels sad when a life passes from her womb, even those who actively choose to have an abortion. This sadness is often expressed in a picture: “a part of the body is gone,” as in the case of the death of a friend or relative. For most men, this sadness is expressed in silence. Blaming themselves even if they know in their heart that it’s not their fault. They still wonder if they didn’t do a good job and that’s why it happened.

Another type of blame can occur in couples where the other partner doesn’t know how to comfort or feels frustrated that nothing he can do will make their partner feel better. Sometimes partners get angry with each other because they are overwhelmed by their own internalized self-blame.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, apart from using Chinese medicine to treat the mental and physical health balance of the case, I also accompany the case step by step to feel what is the most difficult part of the whole process of recovering from infertility trauma. I also realize that it is better for couples to face this process together, by being with the people and things that support them, and by spreading love through connections to their unborn children and the people around them who love them.

Be willing to open up and release that anxiety and unease layer by layer. All of the healing and accompanying processes are designed to relax the mother’s mind and body so that she can embrace the possibility of the next conception. In Chinese medicine, the internal organs correspond to different emotions, and by understanding the experience and physical differences of each case, different acupoints are used to support physiological reconstruction, and at the same time release the imbalance of emotions and return to the calmness.

Whether it is miscarriage, infertility, or other gynecological problems, every woman has her own experiences and body memories, and when she understands her own emotions and blockages through her body, she has the opportunity to renew and accept them, as if it were a belief in a new beginning.

As for the fertility treatment level, I believe you are also curious, there will be a range of Chinese medicine diagnosis, acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, cupping, bio-dynamic Craniosacral therapy, womb and abdominal massage, tea therapy and dietary recommendations, etc.,

We suggest options according to individual needs, and in this expanded therapeutic space,  allowing cases to rekindle  he love and trust in themselves, and to have a happy and relaxed character, which is a gift to themselves, their families, and their upcoming lives.

The mother mentioned in the beginning of the article  realized that the separation brought her gifts and gratitude. After sending her blessings, she underwent a uterine warming treatment to warm up her cold uterus, and at the same time improved her liver and kidney qi and blood, so that her menstruation was smoother and she was more energetic, and, most importantly, happier. Her husband accompanied her to the clinic occasionally during the process and underwent a period of kidney qi strengthening treatment, and she was able to conceive and give birth to a baby eight months later. The most important thing is how to regain your own strength and bring relaxation into your life.

About the Author: 

Dr. Grace Yu (游心慈) is a prominent holistic wellness practitioner and the driving force behind Balance Health, a renowned health and wellness center in Hong Kong. With a passion for empowering individuals to achieve optimal physical and emotional well-being, Grace has cultivated expertise in various healing modalities, including acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and energy healing. With years of experience and a compassionate approach, she has earned a reputation for guiding clients towards balance, harmony, and a higher quality of life. Grace’s commitment to holistic healing and her dedication to her clients’ well-being have made her a respected figure in the wellness community.

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