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Oriental Health is a natural health clinic offering an alternative to the conventional treatments, as no single system of medicine has the answers to every medical problem. As one of Hong Kong’s earliest natural alternative clinics, Oriental Health has supported thousands achieving health and well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Due to our growth as well as the increasing popularity of Chinese Medicine globally we are looking for a Chinese Medicine Doctor to join our team.


Scope of the job

*One on one consultation, acupuncture, cupping and other Chinese medicine modalities

*Conduct workshops or talk to the corporate or the public to educate people how to use Chinese Medicine to improve health



*Registered Chinese Medicine doctor in Hong Kong

*Passion in Chinese Medicine and introducing Chinese Medicine to the world

*Open to the idea of integrate other healing modalities with Chinese Medicine to best support the patients

*Good communication skills with conversational English language capability

*Experience in fertility, gynecology, kids health, pain management will be preferred

*Both full time and part time are welcome



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Oriental Health是一個崇尚自然健康的診所,作為香港較早的替代療法中心,本中心提供各種替代性療法,認為沒有單一種醫學系統可以解決所有的疾病問題,該中心為病人提供身體、心靈、情感和精神層面上的治療方案,以協助更多人實踐其健康的生活品質。



‧ 中醫諮詢,針灸,拔罐等中醫傳統治療。

– 參與相關講座及企業和公眾等進行交流,中醫教育以協助大眾如何改善及提升健康


– 香港註冊中醫醫生

– 熱誠於中醫事業,及具備中醫國際化的理想

– 將其他替代治療方式與中醫相結合的概念,以最好地支持和協助患者


– 以生育、婦科、兒童健康及疼痛等專科方面優先

– 全職及兼職

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