Chinese medicine understands hormonal imbalance especially for women’s health

Uncontrolled and continuous weight gain is one of the most common women’s health challenges today. Staying on healthy weight is important to ensuring that our overall health condition and wellbeing is in good condition. Knowing the reason behind your weight gain is crucial to address and manage it. In an IG Live session with our traditional Chinese medicine expert Michelle Zhang, she explained how hormonal imbalance results in weight gain.

Are you on a normal diet but still not losing weight or continuously gaining weight? The best step to do is to have your hormones checked to see if there are some hormones that are not properly secreted. To do so, it is helpful to have a look at the three main organs that affect blood circulation, water retention and hormone secretion and storage.

To help you with hormonal imbalance issues, Chinese medicine experts will not just immediately jump into treatment. They will explain how Chinese medicine understands hormonal imbalance especially for women’s health. For women’s bodies, Chinese medicine believes that there are three important organs – the splint, liver and the kidney.

Liver – It stores blood and is important to blood circulation. If anything is wrong with liver function, you won’t have enough blood so that would relate to hormonal balance

Spleen – is more like our digestive system. It helps control how the blood moves from one organ to another. How the blood is shared by the different parts of the body. It is related to the digestive system. If you need to get all the nutrients from the food that you’ve eaten, you have to rely on your spleen

If the spleen is not functioning well, it will affect blood circulation and would cause other issues such as water retention.

Kidney– It controls our reproductive system. If kidney functions are not that good, it will lead to deficiency. All the essences are stored in the kidney at the time of your birth and during growth. This is why traditional Chinese medicine’s aim is to create harmony or balance in these 3 organs. That way it would help with boosting hormone secretion, blood circulation and nutrients distribution in our body.

Watch out for our next blog wherein we will cover how the menstrual cycle relates to hormonal imbalance and how traditional Chinese medicine can address menstruation problems in relation to hormonal issues.

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