Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about balance–energy balance, in particular. And whether you visit a Western or an Eastern practitioner for fatigue, you’re likely to get the same advice: Incorporate more balance into your life. TCM will provide you with various tools for achieving balance.

If you experience fatigue with no known medical reason, you might want to consider trying some TCM Approaches that address the root causes of this pernicious condition, not just the symptoms.

Western medicine views the body as a set of cells that perform specific functions and disease as a problem with cellular function. TCM takes a different view of the human body, in which the body emerges as system of energy, called “qi” (pronounced “chee”). Qi runs through and around the body via paths called “meridians.” Generally speaking, qi consists of two main complementary energy forces: yin and yang.

  • Yin energy is slow and cold. Yin derives from quiet activities like resting, meditation, and deep breathing.
  • Yang energy is fast and hot. Yang energy comes from challenging physical and mental activities, such as exercise, concentrated effort, and external forces that cause stress.

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