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We offer a range of treatments, including herbal medicine, acupuncture, and moxibustion


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Whether you are planning for pregnancy or actively treating infertility, our programs can help

Asthma Therapy

chinese medicine asthma

Natural therapy with Chinese medicine to support you on your path to a healthy body

Our Practitioners

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Our team of knowledgeable and experienced Chinese medicine practitioners

Why Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a rich legacy and remains as applicable today as it has been for more than 3000 years.

But why should you use it? Traditional Chinese Medicine is a natural way to address your imbalances at the root cause and stay healthy. 

Activating the healing power of our own immune system, Traditional Chinese Medicine employs unique techniques to fix the immediate symptoms but also discover the root cause of our illnesses and imbalance, and put us back on track to stay healthy in the long run.


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    About Us

    In ancient times there were masters who controlled Yin and Yang, breathed the refined Qi, preserved their independent spirit, and their flesh and mind were in holistic unity. Thus, they were able to live as long as Heaven and Earth… All of this was because they lived in harmony with the Dao (道).

    This story, written in Shang Gu Tian Zhen Lun 《上古天真論》, captures the modern concept of holistic health. Based on this concept our team of experienced and professional practitioners and therapists provide holistic solutions to treat at the root and prevent, apart from temporarily alleviating your symptoms. Oriental Health aims to improve your well-being and support you to become a master yourself who can live “as long as Heaven and Earth”.


    “I would recommend going to a clinic like this since you get coaching to your optimal well-being.”
    – C. Postema

    “He has been helping me with a very tricky autoimmune disease and I’m seeing definite improvement.”
    – D. Ho

    “We came to see Dr Grace when we were trying to conceive and were having a hard time. She helped us be happy & relaxed and after 6 months we have been successful! Totally recommend Oriental Health & Dr Grace!”
    – Marta

    Read on and see what other customers say about Oriental Health.

    Our Clinic

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    We offer a personalized treatment by combining traditional healing methods with natural therapies for fertility, anxiety, asthma, cancer, diabetes, gynecological, pediatric and other illnesses through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, Qi gong and other TCM methods.

    Stay healthy with Oriental Health