general health

Balance between health and disease is a key concept. TCM treatment seeks to restore this balance through treatment specific to the individual. It is believed that to regain balance, you must achieve the balance between the internal body organs and the external elements to achieve optimal health and wellness

General Health

A medical name for common acne — the presence of blackheads, whiteheads, and other types of pimples on the skin.

Defined as pain that lasts at least 12 weeks. The pain may feel sharp or dull, causing a burning or aching sensation in the affected areas. 

Widely known as hay fever, is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. 

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a long history in Asian countries, which have antiaging properties and could intervene aging-associated disorders

Excessive fear or worry which makes a person hard to breathe, sleep, stay still, and concentrate.  

A condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing. shortness of breath.

Uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working.

Complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that lasts for at least six months .al condition. 

Common symptoms of digestive disorders include bleeding, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, pain, nausea and vomiting.

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. It’s common in children but can occur at any age. 

General Health

Facial Paralysis

Rapid onset of mild weakness to total paralysis on one side of your face — occurring within hours to days ·

A  health problem that occurs in the digestive tract wherein conditions may range from mild to serious. 

Studies have shown that TCM can help improve fertility and reproductive health in many ways.

Known urticaria, are itchy, raised welts that are found on the skin. caused by an allergic reaction to a medication or food or a reaction to an irritant in the environment.

Alopecia areata is a disease that develops when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles, causing hair loss.

A  sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. The condition can be short-term (acute) or can last a long time (chronic).

TCM focuses on the balance of body, mind, and spirit to determine how to restore qi, the yin-yang balance, and good health of children.

Disruptive physical and/or emotional symptoms just before and during menstruation, including heavy bleeding, missed periods and unmanageable mood swings.

Prenatal care helps decrease risks during pregnancy and increases the chance of a safe and healthy delivery. 

General Health

Postpartum Care

Taking care of yourself after having a baby is important for your health and your baby’s. As your body keeps changing,

Kick the Habit. Smoking puts you at higher risk for heart disease and stroke.

General Health

Sports Injuries

Exercise is good for you in terms of maintaining good health. But sometimes accidents, or poor training practices can harm your body and cause sport injuries.

Occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. 

 Keeping a healthy weight is crucial. If you are underweight or overweight, or have obesity, you may have a higher risk of certain health problems. 

General Health
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