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herbal therapy


Herbal therapy  is considered to be the most ancient form of healing. It also refers to the use of herbs to restore and maintain the balance in our human body. In today’s Chinese Medicine probably around 1,000 herbs are commonly used in various forms.

A prescription from a doctor typically comes in the form of dried herbs that are ground into fine powder that can then be cooked up in a tea, consumed as a pill or be put directly on the skin. Our practitioners makes use of herbs and herbal formulas to strengthen organ function and support good health.

More than 150 different herbs are considered when prescribing an individual and complex formula comprised of usually 15 or more herbs (Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D). The purpose of each prescription is to correct functional and organic problems in the body health that may be causing infertility. Each formula prescribed will vary depending on the patient’s health and needs.

Herbal Therapy

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Herbal Therapy
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