Traditional Chinese Medicine describes hives as “wind heat toxins manifesting in the skin”. Multiple agents and issues cause hives and typically, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, moxa, lifestyle counseling, and diet therapy are used to treat them.

Acupuncture, moxa, and herbs address the acute signs and symptoms, like itching and wheals, and can be surprisingly effective. As a result, these modalities help resolve cases of acute hives more quickly.

Diet therapy and lifestyle counseling are used to address the hidden sources that help perpetuate a chronic reaction. This long-term approach reduces the frequency and severity of flare-ups. The time frame for the total course of treatment will vary based what a person is reacting to and their ability to avoid it, autoimmune issues, metabolism, and overall health.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a great treatment option for hives and is well worth considering if you suffer with this problem. 

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