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Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be an effective approach to preserving and stimulating fertility. Many studies suggest that acupuncture increases blood flow to the uterus and promotes production of ovulation and fertility-regulating hormones, both of which should increase conception rates.

A research on how acupuncture impact the IVF success rates compared women who did IVF alone and those who added 13-15 sessions of acupuncture during their IVF cycles. The results showed that women who added more acupuncture sessions were twice as likely to have a baby compared to women who did IVF alone.

IVF Support

In the long history of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there is a wealth of knowledge on how to enhance fertility. TCM treatments may not have any direct impact on the oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer operation procedures, however, it serves well to strengthen the overall health of the male and female for better egg and sperm quality, improve the internal environment for egg maturity, and ensure a thicken uterine lining to set up an ideal environment for implantation.

Overall speaking, TCM treatments could be used to prepare the IVF receiver for a smoother clinical fertility treatment. There is also a good number of studies indicating that acupuncture could increase quality of life and lower stress levels during clinical fertility treatments. Acupuncture could continue to be used as an adjuvant treatment after becoming pregnant. Combining acupuncture treatment with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, the IVF receivers may better manage the anxiety and stress associated with early pregnancy, better endure the side effects of hormone therapy used at this stage and be more tolerant to other common symptoms of early pregnancy.


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