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With many years of teaching and healing people with TaiChi, Lawrence has gained lots of valuable experiences and consequently he put various Qigong/ Tai Chi techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing Method. It has been working well even for people who are suffering from serious problems like cancer and other serious illnesses.

He teaches and guides his clients through the two healing modalities; 1. Traditional Chinese Movements (TCM) Energy Healing- Teach patient specific Energy movements (mostly Qigong) and techniques to help healing that particular physical problems and strengthen the self-healing power. 2. Energy (Qi) Transmission Healing- Transmit Energy to patients to clear their internal ‘s’ blockages and strengthen the body Energy and immunity in order to lead to complete recovery. He believes that applying both Healing methods together would make the healing power stronger and make the recovery progress faster.

Lawrence believes that all illnesses are caused by Energy, or what we called Qi in Chinese, being blocked within us. Energy being blocked in different areas will lead to different diseases. The seriousness of the blockage will be reflected by the seriousness of the problem. All kinds of healings are actually trying to bring the energy condition of certain area back to normal.

Qigong Healing is such an energy healing. Lawrence agrees that we have to understand that the mental, emotional and physical energy are all related and affecting one another. Often the source of the illness would be from the mind and the emotion. Hence, we should also be working on those Energy aspects. Qigong Healing is such work helping inside out, from mind, emotion and physical body holistically.

Certifications & Trainings Completed

  • Certified 200hrs Yoga Teacher
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga – Tamil Nadu Sports University
  • Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher
  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Mindful Birth Teacher
  • Expert in Pregnancy
  • Post Natal and Yoga for Active Birth
  • Certified Yoga Therapy for Cancer and Palliative Care Teacher
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Singing Bowl and Tuning Fork Practitioner


  • QiGong / TaiChi Healing
  • Energy Transmission Healing
  • Traditional Chinese Movement Energy Healing
Hi Lawrence! I feel strong enough now to let go of some fears that have been limiting my behavious – or I think I do!! and also I feel more generous and giving. I thought the energy moving was very beautiful and very touching. See you tonight. Love, Romaine
-From Judith M
I at first thought I might not be benefited as much as you guys did on that healing section. I then found that my Energy was being shifted too. What most of you have mentioned in your reply email, I actually felt them too. These few days, I felt quite easily to sleep well & deep. No only could sense Energy sharper, I am also able to feel stronger and go deeper during my regular Qigong practice. When I was tired either after an Energy Healing or finishing working all day, practicing Qigong recharges me much more easily and obviously. As what I have saw Romaine the other day, she was showing a calm & peaceful Energy all over her, I felt that it was happening to me as well. It is like I just know what to do in these few days without questioning about it in mind. I believe I have developed a stronger sense of self, being more centered and able to connect to my inner feelings stronger. It is like I have achieved something (that I am quite sure) and feeling more rounded. I am still excited and enjoy very much up to these moment after the group healing section. You have probably seen it through my writing.
-From Lawrence
Dear Lawrence Just to let you know I practiced the Seven Stars the other day when I was trying to shake the ill feeling and within hours I was feel 100% ok! 🙂 Love and Light
“I had a major back surgery in the US which affected my walking and my gait. I was recuperating, however slowly. Then I began taking Healing Qigong lessons with Master Lawrence Tse. Lawrence began by teaching me three simple movements, while also teaching lessons about Qigong. I practiced these movements daily. After just three lessons, I could not believe my improvement!! I was walking very naturally, and my gait was normal again. I have continued with lessons and performing the movements, and I find that I continue to heal, strengthen, and improve. Lawrence has also sent Healing Qi directly to my spine. Through this, I have experienced healing on more levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I would highly recommend anyone in need of healing or improvement to engage Master Lawrence Tse for Healing Qigong. Sincerely,
Anne Cahill”
It is specifically because QG is a practise with both soothing meditation-style benefits for the mind and also physical components for the body, that I have kept coming back year after year. Most recently I injured my shoulder playing sport and while I did not notice from general daily use that it was not fully healed, my QG practise helped me over the final and more subtle stages of the recovery process. I had never heard of QG 10 years ago when I first turned up to give it a go, but I am very glad that I did.
Peter, 38 Pokfulam
I have been doing Qi Gong (QG) with Master Lawrence Tse for around 10 years now. During this time QG has had both beneficial physical and mental benefits for me. It has a calming and focusing effect on the mind – similar to meditation – enabling a de-cluttering of the mind to take place at the end or the start of the day. Physically, QG introduces movements which are not common in our daily lives but certainly beneficial to keeping our bodies in shape.

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