Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (007855)

Michelle is trained as a typical TCM doctor. During her practice, she finds her passion in searching the connection between mind and body. She begins her journey in studying psychotherapy, hoping to explore the possibilities to integrate it with TCM. She has an open mind, and she regards herself as a companion to her patients to grow together.


  • Master of Social Science – Counselling (studying), The University of Hong Kong
    Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science (First Honor), School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University

Key Clinical interest

  • – Pain management
    – Stress and emotion management (anxiety and depression)
    – Mood related disorders (IBS, allergy, eczema, hair loss)
    – Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual Irregularities, menstrual Pain, menopause
    – Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, Cupping, Guasha, Facial acupuncture

Dr. Michelle Zhang has also shared her mastery of Traditional Chinese Medicine in several media interviews. Here are some of the media articles where Dr. Michelle has gladly participated in:

I was recommended Michelle as a serious bout of "pulsative tinnitus" was driving me to despair.. I was skeptical after the first visit so the improvement after the second visit was all the more palpable. With Michelle's help it has now gone completely and I visit for "maintenance." I couldn't recommend her more highly, both in terms of her expertise and her sincerity and diligence. This applies to the acupuncture treatment and the herbal remedies. It really is a pleasure and wholly deserved.
Lawrence W.
I remembered the first time I came to Dr. Zhang, I was driven by her prescription for my husband. My father was a TCM doctor as well, so I had some knowledge about herbs. And Dr. Zhang’s prescription was very considerate and comprehensive. I have been visiting a lot of doctors due to my sub-health status, and recurrent urinary tract infection has taken me to suffer for many years. I’m quite afraid to see new doctors if I do not have enough faith in them. However, Dr. Zhang is a big surprise! Her medicine did help me a lot. She is such a caring doctor that she always tries her best to take care of my body in a tender way. My damp-heat syndrome gets controlled after 1 week of TCM herbs. I feel grateful to be her patient, and I really enjoy our meetings during each consultation. I think she is a gifted TCM doctor. Although she is much younger than me, her passion and maturity always enlighten me and bring me comfort.
Ms. Lau
Dr. Zhang is a professional and patient doctor. I went to see Doctor Zhang because of gastrointestinal discomfort during the summer (the humidity weather really bothered me). In the whole process, she carefully asked me about my condition, gently did the examination, and gave me a convincing diagnosis. After prescribing the medicine for me, she patiently explained the precautions for taking the medicine, and how did the herbs help me. I remembered I got better very soon after drinking the herbs for 2 days, and she followed up my situation until I got fully recovered.
I was suffering from cervical spondylosis for quite a long time. I could not sleep well at the night, when I wake up in the morning, I feel like the spine was very tight and uncomfortable. And Occasionally I felt a stabbing pain in the spine. I went to Michelle for GuaSha and acupuncture treatment. Unlike my previous experience, this time was not so painful. After the treatment, I could see my skins on rear neck, shoulder and back become dark red. I felt like my spine was relaxed, no more pains and tensions, and I slept very well during that week.
I would highly recommend Michelle. I tend to lose focus when a doctor is using terms I may not be familiar with… however Michelle approaches with curiosity, warmth and made me feel comfortable immediately.
During the cupping and acupuncture session she was very detailed and again made me feel comfortable with her thorough guidance.
She also recommended some Chinese herbs to help with my sleep which is also a contributing factor to my injuries.
Everyone at Balance Health is friendly and welcoming… it can be intimidating coming to a place like this for the first time but the team do a great job as soon as you step in the doors.
Avey Cortes
I consulted with Michelle about chronic pain on my left shoulder. I originally came, expecting an in-and-out cupping treatment. However the consultation was a lot more thorough, starting off with a body type analysis, followed by very specific questions about my lifestyle. I felt that Michelle took time to understand not only the pain, itself, but the energetic imbalances that could be causing it. I ended up agreeing to acupuncture, supplemented by heating lamps and a singing bowl therapy. Afterwards, Michelle prepared a herbal tea specifically targeted toward my TCM body type. Michelle has a beautiful, calm presence. I left feeling both rested and energised.
James Gannaban
Michelle is an excellent healer. She is thoughtful, calming, and highly effective. She is a masterful healer. The whole service is warm, kind, caring, and effective.
Sarah Keates
Dr. Michelle has been an integral part of my healing journey from chronic pain. Her empathy, calming presence and expertise creates a wonderfully safe environment to heal. It is so valuable to been seen and heard on the road to recovery and I cannot thank her enough.
Julie Lai
I first started seeing Dr Michelle when I wasn’t feeling great after living in Hong Kong for 4 years and the stress of the lifestyle had just left me feeling exhausted. Seeing Dr Michelle was a turning point for me and after only one treatment I felt significantly better and then I had a series of regular treatments with her because her work is so nurturing plus now I have had the energy to restore my health after her treatments.
Megan Ireland
I came to Balance Health because I wanted to treat my anxiety and insomnia. Through a combination of acupuncture and counseling, Dr. Zhang helped me realign my mind and body so that they could nourish each other again. With this new understanding, I have not only been restored to myself, but also been given tools and advice on how to continue my wellness journey. I’m forever grateful to Michelle.
Nida S
I had a great experience working with Dr. Michelle, she took time to assess my condition in details, explaining me step by step and doing a proper follow up at every session. I found her easy to talk with, a good listener and of course she has a magic hand: never an acupuncture session has been so pleasant! I would definitively go back to her when in need and I highly recommend her.
Martina Bin
Ive been suffering from allergies and asthma attacks since childhood. I'm super happy that I had a body type consultation with Dr Michelle Zhang. I now understand how I can live healthier. I now know which food is suited for my health and which food to avoid to keep my body stronger. Dr Michelle is very warm. She is so approachable that you will be able to express yourself well and be open about your overall health concerns during a consultation with her. Im glad that I met her. She is a great TCM doctor, confident and knowledgeable in her field. Thanks Dr Michelle!!!
My experience with Dr.Michelle was excellent.I had a severe sore throat and painful ear. She took her time to explain to me my condition in a very clear and caring manner.She has a very outstanding quality of medical care.Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended !!
Mercylinda Felimon
I’ve been going to Balance Health for 6 months for accupuncture and Dr. Michelle has helped improve my overall well being. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep, but this significantly got better with her help. Thank you to Dr. Michelle and the team for always treating me with attention and care!
Christine Koh
I would definitely recommend this clinic. Recently I had some shoulder pain and poor sleep quality. Dr. Michelle Zhang patiently explained the possible causes after inquiring about my symptoms. After the acupuncture treatment, the stiffness was relieved, It was really amazing. I will make another appointment in the near future and strongly recommend her if you are facing similar problems!
Big fan of Dr Michelle. She is very gentle and a good experience for expats when it comes to Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong
Benno Jaeggi
I was attended and taken good care of by Dr. Michelle Zhang. From time to time, I was struggling with the pain on my neck and lower back, so I planned to try some traditional Chinese medicine treatments. Dr. Michelle Zhang was patiently listening to my problems and explained the treatment in details. I did some acupuncture treatments before, however, this time Dr. Michelle Zhang incorporated the cupping treatment to mitigate my lower back pain. The entire treatment lasted almost one hour and went quite well. P.S. The view in the treatment room is fabulous.
Cheng Ma
I came here for irregular menstruation issue. After TCM consultation with Dr. Michelle, I’ve been taking 2 months of Chinese meds, and my period problem is really improved. And she is very patient, kind, and sweet (like I don’t feel any of the anxiety that I used to have in my past doctor visits). Ohhh and she advised me some Chinese med food diet, based on my body constitution, it was my first time knowing that. Pretty interesting to integrate it in my daily life!
Ka Po Kwok
I have been coughing for more than a month. Went to see Dr. Michelle and she prescribed 3 days of herbal drinks for me. They worked so well! I am now fully recovered. Amazing doctor!
Sharon YiuYan
The practitioners are so kind and caring. They knew exactly what my body needed in order to heal. Thank you Dr Michelle & Dr Clara!
H. Khan
Had an acupuncture session with Dr Michelle. She is very caring and professional.The place is clean an relaxing. Great services. Highly recommended for improving health and wellness!
dora cheung
Dr.Michelle is very professional and kind. I’ve always been struggling with menstruation pain and indigestion problem. Now I’m visiting the clinic once a week and it helps to balance my body. My pain eased and I feel lighter, less stressful about my health at the same time. 🙏😊 thank you Dr. Michelle
Ka Lee Stephanie Ni

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