Reclaiming Calm: Anxiety Healing Package​

Reclaiming Calm: Anxiety Healing Package

What you will get:

1x Coaching

1x Integrative Energy Healing

1x Acupuncture 

Key benefits:

  • Coaching: 
  1. Understanding what self-sabotaging beliefs are holding you back 
  2. Becoming clear on your options to control your negative thoughts and 
  3. Immediate steps to peace & Calm.
  • Integrative Energy Healing
  1. Reiki: works by balancing the body’s energy flow, known as “qi,” through hands-on techniques. It helps clear unwanted negative energy and promotes the influx of positive energy into the body.
  2. Sound Healing: on the other hand, has been practiced for thousands of years and is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. By utilizing specific sounds and vibrations, it helps to harmonize the mind and body, addressing mental health issues and promoting overall well-being.
  • Acupuncture: 
  1. TCM consultation: used by registered practitioners for thousands of years now to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. It is based on the understanding that the body’s vital energy called qi flows along channels called meridians in the body and keeps our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, emotional, mental health in balance.
  2. Reduce stress: By re-establishing good energy flow, the body can begin to heal itself and restore health.
  3. Balance of Qi: restoring the body’s balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang, which can block qi and cause disease.
Reclaiming Calm: Anxiety Healing Package

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Reclaiming Calm: Anxiety Healing Package
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