The Combatting Covid Package supports you from covid prevention, medication and to post covid care. Get the right diagnosis and Chinese medicine treatments tailored to your health status and body constitution. 


The package includes:

◉ Online Consultation with registered and experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

◉ 3-Day Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs to boost your health Conditions


Chinese medicine has been effectively boosting our immunity against infectious diseases for centuries now. It is once again showing its value as increasing clinical studies point to its efficacy in fighting off Covid especially those in high risk population by: 

  • boosting our overall immune system
  • naturally strengthening our visceral system such as the heart, lungs and the digestive and excretory organs
  • tonifying qi to protect the body from pathogens causing covid-related respiratory diseases


Omicron is one of the fast-spreading covid variants infecting people regardless of our vaccination status. The immediate diagnosis and personalized Chinese herbal treatment of the symptoms according to the patient’s body constitution and health status are effective to: 

  • ease the omicron symptoms and prevent from advancing
  • shorten the infectious period
  • prevent further spreading or infecting other people in the household


Clinical studies show a high percentage of previous covid patients whose symptoms such as extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and cognitive dysfunction continue for 3-9 months or even longer after the onset of the infection. TCM and herbal medicine can help: 

  • re-establish emotional and physical balance in long-covid or post-covid patients
  • ease the physical symptoms such as loss of smell and taste, muscle aches and others
  • address emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression


  1. Purchase your Combat Covid Package
  2. Fill out the Online Diagnostic Form about your health history and current medical record.
  3. Online consultation with our doctors with your favorable channel (Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype)
  4. Receive personal package at the door (Local deliver 1-2 Working days; International delivery 7-10 working days)
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