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Dr. Ruth Lee no longer practices at Balance Health / Oriental Health. You can reach her via the contact details below:

WhatsApp/hotline: 90188380
Email: booking@masterruth.com
Website: Masterruth.com





Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (007684)
Licensed Dietitian in China (1617000000103648)
Author of Soft Touch of Tiger Moms

Master Ruth Lee specializes in herbal and acupuncture treatment for menopausal syndrome, infertility, weight control, sleeping disorder, skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, herpes zoster, neck and back pain and facial paralysis. Besides, Master Ruth Lee also merged the salient features of baby massage into Chinese Tui na and has written a book named Soft Touch of Tiger Moms . The book introduces AcuTouchTM Pediatric Tuina, which is a natural therapy and preventive care for common and chronic children ailments such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, diarrhea, constipation, muscular torticollis, cerebral palsy and Tourette Syndrome.


  • Master of Personal Health Management, Baptist University of Hong Kong
  • Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Menopause
  • Fertility and IVF Acupuncture
  • Weight Loss Pain Management
  • Tobacco and Alcohol dependence
  • Eczema and other skin conditions
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Pre-natal Care
  • Post-partum Care

Master Ruth Lee is a well respected TCM practitioner and acupuncturist in Hong Kong and China, where she has accumulated years of experience helping working professionals to manage excessive stress in modern city life.


She is an advocate of natural therapies and she merged the salient features of baby massage into Chinese Tuina and has written a book named Soft Touch of Tiger Moms

"I went to see Dr Ruth to deal with chronic pain, insomnia, sudden onset of cystic acne and all the side effects from chemo-menopause. I was a broken person inside out after cancer treatment and having a baby couldn’t be further on my mind in my 40s. My objective was to manage my chronic pain and treat my acne caused by hormonal imbalance. TCM was my last resort to detox and “reset” my body. After several sessions, I started to sleep better, had less pain and now have a healthy miracle 11-week old baby boy – just from getting my hormones and body back in balance. I was told by several medical professionals that I would not be able to conceive even with multiple rounds of ivf, which I accepted children were off the cards for me given my age and aggressive chemotherapy that I went through. I don’t know what Dr Ruth’s fertility treatments entail, but if her non-fertility treatment to nurse the body back to health and balance can help someone like me conceive, I imagine her fertility treatments are more targeted and focused to drive desired results. I really appreciate that Dr Ruth is very focused in treating the root cause not just the symptoms and I feel like a brand new person with more energy than before despite being a new mum.”
"I went to see Dr. Ruth Lee to help with my insomnia and hot flashes. I had seen an homeopath off and on for a year and my sleep was not improving. Having ongoing poor sleep was having an impact on my mood and health overall so I was quite desperate to try something new. I had mixed feelings about TCM as it wasn't successful for me in the past (for my migraines) however immediately after meeting Dr. Ruth, she seemed to know how to help and attributed my poor sleep to an imbalance. After a few days of herbal drinks, my sleep had already improved and after a 2-3 weeks, my sleep is so much better and my hot flashes are gone. My energy level is back to normal and I'm so much happier now. During my weekly sessions, we do acupuncture and I have daily herbal drinks. Dr. Ruth is very caring and while her fee is higher than the traditional TCM, her sessions are definitely worthwhile. Her office is clean and relaxing. I highly recommend Dr. Ruth!"
"My first appointment with Dr Ruth Lee was made when I was experiencing an ongoing chronic cough, following a common cold in winter. This was not the first time I had experienced such an ailment and knew that generally cupping and acupuncture would address the blockages from stress which prevented the final recovery or healing from the cold. Ruth is a warm caring person and highly experienced as a TCM practitioner and I received the highest care and treatment including prescription herbs for balance and immunity. Once we had addressed and eliminated the cough we continued with sessions to treat overall stress as well as some facial acupuncture. All treatments were completed professionally and were literally life rejuvenating during a period of constant stress and anxiety. Thank you Ruth!"
"I was recommended to see Ruth Lee about a few issues I have been having. Weight gain, hair loss, depression. Over a period of 6 weeks, Ruth used a mix of acupuncture, singing bowl, cupping and facial stone massage to help me control my symptoms and get grounded with myself again. I can't truly explain just how much her treatments helped me. I actually had a breakdown in one of the sessions and had reached a point of no return with my depression and ended up crying uncontrollably in the session. Ruth just sat with me and talked to me while she put pressure on my forehead and massaged my face. Ruth uses all her energy to truly focus on your needs. I can not recommend her enough."


"I started to see Dr. Ruth Lee from November, because I had been sick for more than half of the time in 2018. After a couple of times of her consultations and treatments, I started to feel much better and was able to stay healthy at the midst of the current winter influenza season. (Dr. Ruth Lee is) Highly recommended!"
"She put some needles in those areas and I hardly feel the soreness now. Thank you again! "Both my daughter with eczema and I see Ruth. Ruth does facial acupuncture for me. I've had 4 or 5 sessions already and my skin began to get firmer after the 2nd session"
"After a few stressful years at work, I started to have a serious blood pressure, neck and lower back problem. That’s was the time when I decided to try a Chinese traditional medicine. I first met Dr. Ruth during my treatment in Shanghai, she was my acupuncture doctor, she also recommended a traditional cupping and herbs to treat my health problems.
"I did a facial acupuncture with Dr. Lee. She is a very warm person and she made me feel comfortable before the session. I had an injury in the past and I have tried at least 20+ acupuncturists in my life. When Dr. Lee put the needles, I was able to feel an electrical shock and I felt the energy moving into my body. I can tell that she is one of the most experienced acupuncturists that I have ever met!
"My son (7 years old) was a feeble child. He would easily contract a flu and get a fever when season changes. she would always employ natural therapy such as tuina massage, cupping, umbilical therapy as much as possible. And the results were great. I can see my boy’s body conditions improved and he is now much healthier than before."
"I strongly recommend Dr Ruth Lee. Being 40 week pregnant, I went for a consultation to help get things / labor going thanks to accunpunture treatment. She was very profressional & caring. She took the time needed to listen to my needs and story and found the best ways to address them. he outcome of the consultation was great since the day after, my labor kicked off naturally and I welcomed my baby 2 hours after!"
The first time my daughter (6 years old), Elsa, saw Dr. Lee she was a little shy. However, Dr Lee’s smile and kindness eventually won my daughter over and she started becoming more comfortable and relaxed when she was receiving Tuina massage treatments. When Elsa gets a cold, or a fever we would always use Tuina techniques that Dr. Lee taught us. We all love Dr. Lee!"

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