"I have carpal tunnel in both arms. My hands were so bad that I couldn't hold a pen to sign my name. I did 3 acupuncture sessions here with Dr. Clara Chan and now the pain is like 95% better. I would recommend her for any pain-related problems. She deserves a medal."
Chanel Adams
"If you are considering acupuncture for any reason, Balance Health is the place to go with nice atmosphere and supportive people. After losing pregnancies me and my husband were hopeless and helpless could find our way forward. Dr Clara helped me manage to leave all the medication, stress and gave me peace of mind. Clara’s persistence and support played key role in preparing my body and soul!"​
Emese Ficko Juhasz
Clara Chan
Grace Yu
"She put some needles in those areas and I hardly feel the soreness now. Thank you again! "Both my daughter with eczema and I see Ruth. Ruth does facial acupuncture for me. I've had 4 or 5 sessions already and my skin began to get firmer after the 2nd session"
I. Daniel​
" Grace is one of the best TCM practitioners that I know! She literally transformed my energy levels from very low and feeling almost ill to feeling really great again! After receiving acupuncture for about 30 minutes I left the clinic and started feeling so much better within 1 hour after the treatment. Grace really helped me to prevent falling ill. She is such a great listener, has great English and a very good level of humor. I can highly recommend Grace. She has all of her patients close to her heart!"​
Vitali G.​
"Grace is really nice and she has a good planning on what to do regarding my illness. She gives comment on what to do in daily life, not just giving you the medicine."
Ms. Man
Dr Grace could read into how I was feeling, whether my digestive system had been active or not and how my liver and kidney were doing. I always looked forward to being able to find out what was happening to my body that was causing an imbalance. I learned to be patient and send love to myself. After a year, in October 2019, Dr Grace shared with me that all functions had improved compared to before and that my body and mindset feels ready to welcome new life into this world."
Ayu*** Gor**
"I had conversations with Grace over my healing sessions. During those times I began to understand why things happened that way in my life. What surprised me the most was that within such a short period of time, this remote healing was so effective that I could strongly feel the clarity and joy.
Charis C***

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