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Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments help to maintain a healthy human body by promoting blood circulation, spleen, liver and kidney efficiency and adjusting the yin and yang. Addressing hormone imbalances, metabolism rate, overeating, poor nutrition and the lack of exercise contributes to weight-loss. Several studies have shown that when Chinese Medicine is combined with traditional methods of weight loss such as diet and exercises, patients lose more weight.

Herbal Medicine

An important concept of Traditional Chinese medicine is to diagnose properly and treat the patient individually with appropriate herbs. Every formula will include vitamins, minerals, herbs antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutraceuticals. The herbal solution supports the weight loss with acupuncture by balancing blood sugar which gives the body strength, energy and helps to maintain a healthy balance. Depending on the condition the practitioner might add herbs such as Codonopsis to tonify stomach energy and descend food properly through the digestive tract. Depending on the body type herbs added might resolve dampness, promote digestion of various food and help dissolving accumulated food with digestive liquids. In a study by George Binh Lenon et. al, 2012 patients treated with Chinese herbal medicine for a period of 12 weeks were able to loose 1.5 kg of weight. The key organs Chinese medicine targets during weight-loss therapy are:

  • spleen and thyroid for adjustment of metabolism rate and sugar digestion
  • endocrine system and kidneys to treat water retention, stimulate nerve and hormonal balance
  • adrenal and ovary glands to treat weight loss due to hormonal imbalances during menopause and PMS
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