Chinese Medicine (TCM) is effective, affordable and an established and tested practice that aims at helping people without causing them any harm. TCM does not question the western perception of the body. It draws different views and relations between the organs and the body. In order to inform and help more people to benefit from Chinese Medicine we developed the following programs for lectures and workshops:


Practical Hands-On Experience


This 60-minute workshop entitled “Body Type: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine” focuses on understanding the different body types and how we can integrate them into our daily lives to boost our immunity and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The concept of body type is important to traditional Chinese medicine. In TCM, each one of us has a unique body constitution.Your body type changes through time and it impacts our health,how we behave, and what we feel. Knowing and understanding your body type is the key to developing medical and nutritional programs that are tailored to your specific needs

The workshop is facilitated by Balance Health, one of Hongkong’s earliest Alternative Wellness Centres together with its registered and well-experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners Dr. Clara Chan & Dr. Michelle Zhang.

The workshop includes a Herbal Tea Making Live Demonstration and a Meridian Point Exercise for the 3 Common Body Types.


I. Introduction
Women’s health is one of the key focuses of traditional Chinese medicine. Under the unique understanding on women’s menstrual cycle, TCM develops a mature therapeutic system to support varieties of women’s health issues through herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and providing lifestyle suggestions on diet, exercise, and emotional health.

To share the ancient wisdom of TCM through easy-learning tips and exercise to support women’s health.

Part 1: Menstruation health matters
-The role of menstruation in women’s life and its importance
-Understanding menstrual cycle from TCM angle: making sense to the waves
-Group discussion: How do you understand your cycle? Could you share some of the challenges when the period comes?

III. Self-care practice
1.Explain and demonstrate the exercise for the 4 phases E.g: C H I N E S E M E D I C I N E O N W O M E N ‘ S H E A L T H
2. Tips on choosing different sports exercise based on the features of different phases in the menstrual cycle
3. Herbal tea demonstration: boost energy in women’s body A tea ceremony to make one type of herbal tea and invite the guests to taste
4. Tips on other supporting methods: emotional health, nutrition


Traditional Chinese medicine has the wisdom to balance the body not only at the physical level.

It embraces a profound conviction in the connection between mind and body, employing diverse methodologies to fortify the innate capacity for self-restoration against external pressures. Through comprehending this intricate interconnection, we open the door to cultivating a harmonious rapport with our body, even amid formidable challenges like stress, anxiety, and depression.

What you would expect from this workshop:
1.Emotional Insights: Delve into the fascinating links between diverse emotions and the internal organs they resonate with, gaining a deeper understanding of your body’s intricate responses.

2. Self-Compassion Mastery: Discover how to cultivate a kinder relationship with yourself, especially during times of emotional turbulence, fostering a sense of gentle resilience.

3. Empowering Self-Messaging: Learn a simple technique to empower your body’s natural ability to cope with stress, enabling you to face challenges with newfound strength.

4. Nourishing Recipes: Explore food’s role in generating inner serenity with recipes designed to infuse your body with peaceful energy, promoting overall well-being.

5. Daily Resilience Practices: Acquire practical and meaningful daily tips to bolster your mental resilience, equipping you with the tools to thrive in the face of life’s ups and downs


Tai Chi is based on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can heal physical pains as well as clear your mind from stress. Tai Chi strengthens the body by activating the Qi energy in your meridians and channeling it to your organs.

All Tai Chi stretches are created to strengthen your body and create perfect balance with your mind. Tai Chi is easy to learn and will be a life-changing experience if you bring it into your daily routine.

The class will first cover special breathing techniques to calm your mind. Then, energetic and rhythmic Tai Chi movements and exercises vitalize the body, immediately inducing you into a place of strength and readiness for whatever the day may bring. The practices are easy to learn, yet effective and beneficial for your whole life.

Alleviate stress & anxiety
Mental clarity and calm
More energy and stamina

Event Aspects
Session length: 60 Minutes
Maximum participants: 100pax
Both onsite & online are available
Logistical requirements: Open space to accommodate max. no. participants
Materials/special attire needed: Athletic/comfortable clothing for stretching

Find your acupuncture points to release neck and back pain from office work.
Create a balanced flow of energy by pushing key points along the meridians leading to:
– an increase of circulation
– stimulation of the nerve system
– release of endorphins which help reducing pain
– balance of the hormonal system
At the end of this experience participants have a sense of wellbeing and comfort.

Improve your Body Constitution based on Chinese Medicine Principles
To stay healthy we need to understand ourselves first. An essential factor to prevent disease, strengthen health and balance your body is to understand your own body first, its characteristics and how your body constitution is shaped by your genes, your way of life, and your environment. We introduce participants to a better health with:
– easy exercises
– balanced diet
– Chinese herbs everyone can use
– paths to a healthy lifestyle
To determine the individual Body Constitution type we explore each participant’s lifestyle and health condition. To embark on the path to health we provide insights on how to improve the current lifestyle to more health and balance in life. For privacy of participants we can host individual sessions.


Informative and Understandable

How can Chinese Medicine complement Western Medicine to minimize or eliminate side effects?
Strong cases from the field presented by our experienced practitioner to highlight how Chinese Medicine is applied side-by-side with modern medicine. Example cases may include severe cases of cancer treatment to common cases such as a flu or cold. This lecture will:
– critically review the Western treatment of common and chronic diseases
– highlight synergies with TCM that improve many treatments in the western health care
– show alternatives where western medication cannot provide long term wellbeing for patients
– contribute to the knowledge of improvements of the quality of life of the participants

An Introduction to TCM including a TCM Diagnosis
In this lecture we will explore how a typical Chinese Medicine Diagnosis looks like and explain the coherences of meridian channels, organs and TCM Principles. One example is the Five Elements Cycle forming the basis for the relationship of organs and the required overall balance in the human body.
We will explain the following steps of a TCM diagnosis and show their importance:
– feel the pulse speed and strength
– check the tongue color and shape
– examine the symptoms and body of the patient
– discuss the health condition and overall situation of the patient:
o comprehensive view on the human being in relation to environment
o balance of the patient with family and friends
o nutrition
o environment
o lifestyle
At the end of the lecture we will provide a TCM diagnosis and individual consultation for up to 6 people. A preregistration for an individual consultation is required.

How to Leverage TCM to Prevent and Cure Flu & Coughing?
Nowadays, Western practitioners often prescribe Antibiotics to treat a cold. Prof. Paul Little commented in the BBC: “The overuse of antibiotics, particularly when they are ineffective, leads to the development of resistance and has side effects like diarrhea, rash and vomiting.”

Chinese Medicine as a Potent Alternative
Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective in treating mild forms of chest infections and coughs because of its careful differentiation of the various types of coughs. Our experienced TCM doctor will introduce the types and the root cause of a cough in more detail:
Coughs due to excessive Heat
Treated with cooling, moistening herbs and acupuncture directed at specific points on the body which clear heat from the lungs.
Coughs due to excessive Cold
Treated with warming, drying herbs and the application of moxibustion, a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy using the Mugwort herb.
Coughs caused by Wind
Treatment of a dryness cough caused by wind means to repel the dryness and to help moisten the lungs.

At the end of the lecture we will indicate unique techniques to not only fix the immediate symptoms but also to address the illness at its source in order to prevent the next flu or cold.

Preventing Cancer, Treating Cancer and Avoiding Re-Occurrence
The Harvard School of of Public Health estimates a cancer growth rate of 25% by the year 2020 making it a widely populated diseases among developed countries. These facts arise questions such as:
– Why does cancer occur?
– How to prevent cancer?
– How does TCM treat cancer?
– How to avoid cancer from re-occurring?

This lecture will introduce the perspective of Chinese Medicine on the reasons for the occurrence cancer and how to lower the probability for the occurrence of cancer. Essential TCM concepts such as the Qi and Energy Stagnation and basic TCM principles are discussed in order to understand why and how cancer occurs from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Equipped with this powerful knowledge participants will be able to lower their probability of developing cancer. After this lecture participants will
understand how TCM can be combined with Western Medicine in order to offset side effects, stop the growth of cancer at an early stage and enhance the body’s immune system to fight cancer and to recover more quickly.

Individual Lectures & Workshops


Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can customize, amend or combine the content of a lecture or workshop designated for your needs and audience’s interests.
We can assist you via email at or phone (+852) 3904 3369.

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