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Effective Complementary Therapy for Cancer

Traditional Chinese Medicine can potentiate the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation. It can offset side effects and enhance the body’s immune system to fight cancer and to recover more quickly.

Complementary Cancer Therapy

Treatment Methods

In order to stay healthy ones needs to achieve a normal circulation of the qi and blood. Regulating the qi and the blood helps to relieve pain for patients and fights cancers by attacking the internal toxins. Book your appointment with our experienced practitioners who will perform the following treatments:

  • Tonifying balances and cultivates the qi. To the primary treatment method of cancer belongs tonifying the yang, and nourishing the blood and yin. This method boosts the patient’s innate ability to fight cancer, both physically and mentally, and promotes recovery after traumatic treatments. Tonifying is performed in all stages of cancer, even in the middle to late stages.
  • The Reducing method with herbal treatment clears heat and relieves toxicity from the body. In TCM theory heat toxins, among other toxins, condense the blood, dry up body fluid and form phlegm that blocks the blood channels and causes cancer.

In contrast to Western medicine the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that cancer is a systemic disease associated with a weakened state of the whole body and is not a local disease of cells or organs. That plays a role in the treatment of cancer, as the goal is to improve the whole body condition rather than removing the tumor or cancerous cells. Therefore, individual therapy is necessary to assess the patient’s condition and symptoms. A unique mix of herbs it then prescribed and amended during the therapy to ensure a comprehensive, integrated treatment.

Reducing Side Effects

  • Chemotherapy has many side effects: nausea, poor appetite and a weakened immune system
  • Chemotherapy destroys healthy fast-growing cells such as mucosal lining of the digestive tract and red and white blood cells.
  • That leads to: weight loss, malnourishment, fatigue and possible infections
  • Chinese Medicine can counter-attack those side-effects with Herbal Therapy.
  • Chinese herbs can increase blood cell production, digestive absorption and reduce toxicities leading to a fast recovery.
  • A strengthened body is much better able to fight cancer and withstand chemotherapy, making Chinese herbs effective in the support of chemotherapy.

TCM and Western medicine can work hand-in-hand by integrating both therapies and creating synergies. Clinical research has shown that the combined approach is more effective than either treatment utilized separately.

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What are the benefits of TCM?
  • Effectively treating the root cause of cancer
  • Tailored treatment to your specific body type
  • Using all-natural medicine


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