Chinese Medicine Body Type Consultation

Chinese medicine recognizes different types of constitutions need.
Get some advice about lifestyle and diet that best suits your body.

Chinese Body Consultation HK$800

Package Inclusions:

  • Analysis of your Chinese body type
  • A 20-minute consultation with a professional Chinese medicine practitioner
  • A personal body type report to take home
  • A bag of herbal tea suitable to your body type

A Chinese Body Type is a concept in Chinese Medicine. Your body type affects how you feel and behave and determines your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Discover your unique body type with this experience and receive a report detailing the characteristics of your type, as well as practical nutritional and lifestyle guidelines you can apply to enhance your life and prevent illnesses.

Private Chinese Medicine Consultation

After finishing the Chinese medicine body type test, you will have a private consultation with one of our qualified Chinese medicine practitioners. You can experience a typical diagnosis which involves examining your tongue, taking your pulse and studying other external indicators, like your complexion and muscle tone.

Our practitioner will identify any imbalances in your body and give you suggestions. Our consultation sessions are accompanied by an analysis of your body type constitution. You will receive advice on how to rebalance yourself, including tips on the best foods to eat and the lifestyle changes needed to remedy your symptoms and strengthen your body. 

Your wellness journey starts here.

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments

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