Learn and Experience Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a rich legacy, dating back to 3,000 years in history. Over the years, the practice has evolved into a holistic form of alternative medicine, aimed at maintaining overall health and wellness. In this 1.5 hour experience embrace an important part of Chinese culture that is often shrouded in mystery. Learn more about the expansive world of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Learn about Chinese medicine theory, culture and history
  • Receive insights into Chinese herbs, their usage and function
  • Learn how Chinese herbs are prepared and brew your own tea
  • Find out your Chinese medicine body constitution and learn how to improve your well-being
  • Talk to our Chinese medicine doctor in a private consultation
  • Experience a Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: acupuncture, cupping or moxibustion
  • Take home: one box of tea suitable for your body type, an individual body type report and a TCM handout

Learn and Experience Chinese Medicine

Learn about Chinese Medicine

Your experience at our clinic begins with an introduction into Chinese medicine history, culture and its application today. You will learn about the mixture of herbs and learn about the properties and uses of some of the more popular herbs. Find out about the history and evolution of TCM practice and what is involved in prescribing and preparing the powerful herbal concoctions. During this experience we will brew with you a sample of herbs that you may drink to enhance your well-being.

A Private Chinese Medicine Consultation

After your introduction into Chinese medicine you will have a private consultation with one of our qualified Chinese medicine practitioners. You can experience a typical diagnosis which involves examining your tongue, taking your pulse and studying other external indicators, like your complexion and muscle tone. Our practitioner will identify any imbalances in your body and give you suggestions.

Our consultation is complemented by an analysis your body constitution. You will receive advice on how to rebalance yourself, including tips on the best foods to eat and the lifestyle changes needed to remedy your symptoms and strengthen your body.

Experience a Chinese Medicine Treatment

Once diagnosed, you will have a choice of one of the following TCM treatments:
Acupuncture is a healing system, where fine needles are inserted into the key blood channels to stimulate the free flow of energy (Qi) movement through your body.
Cupping Therapy
Heated cups are placed on targeted parts of the body. Pressure is then applied to create suction on those areas. In the process, toxins are released and blood flow is increased.
The TCM doctor will use moxa herbs in powder form which will be applied to a particular acupuncture point. The herbs diffuse into the body, working to smoothen the circulation of vital energy, strengthen the organs, regulate Qi and balance the Yin & Yang within the body.

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