Judy Xu

Judy Xu
Chinese Medicine Nutritionist, CUHK
Holistic Health Coach, IIN, USA
MBA, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Judy Xu is a Holistic Health Coach and combines integrative medicine from the West with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine for a modern lifestyle that helps patients to naturally achieve balance and health.

Growing up in a family full of Chinese traditions, Judy’s father was a martial arts artist practicing both in China and Japan. From an early age he passed on his knowledge to combine both the mind and the body to retain health and strength.

Judy graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Chinese Medicine Nutritionist, before embarking on her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. IIN is renowned for its integrative and innovative program which teaches all the major dietary theories in the world, holistic wellness, counseling and coaching. [/staffbio]

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