Medical Tourism: A 40-Year-Old Man’s Journey with Chronic Pain and Hearing Issues

By Mr. Kuchkov & registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner: Dr. Clara

Client Experience: Mr. Kuchkov’s Testimonial

During my vacation in Hong Kong, I sought assistance for two persistent health problems: sciatica pain and hearing loss. Having previously benefited from acupuncture for back pain in Hong Kong, I was keen to explore further treatments. After researching online, I chose Balance Health due to their excellent customer service, which was both responsive and helpful. I was able to see my preferred Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, Dr. Clara, on my first day in Hong Kong, and subsequently scheduled all recommended treatments.

My sciatica had been a long-standing issue, becoming particularly painful recently. Dr. Clara employed cupping, gua-sha, and acupuncture to alleviate my lower back pain. The cupping treatment was especially effective, significantly reducing my pain after just one session.

I had lost 75% of the hearing in one ear about a decade ago, following a medical treatment for back pain, and had not seen improvement despite various treatments. Dr. Clara focused on relieving tension in my neck and shoulders and improving blood flow to my upper body. She used both head and body acupuncture to target acupoints and nerves associated with hearing. Additionally, she taught me acupressure techniques to maintain my hearing health.

I am very pleased with the results of my medical trip. My sciatica pain is now completely gone, leaving only minor tightness in my upper leg. I have resumed swimming and can walk for long periods without pain. My hearing has also shown some improvement. My overall mood has lifted, and I plan to return to Dr. Clara for help with my thinning hair on my next visit.


Comments from Dr. Clara Chan

At Balance Health, we assist many international clients with their health issues through medical trips and online consultations. Many of our clients suffer from chronic conditions that have not improved with treatments available locally. After extensive online research, they often choose to travel to Hong Kong, confident that TCM can address their health concerns.

In Mr. Kuchkov’s case, we explained that while his sciatica could be significantly improved with treatment, maintaining his condition would require ongoing exercise. For his hearing loss, a series of seven treatments was sufficient to initiate change, but additional sessions may be needed. Although a short medical trip may not completely resolve chronic conditions, it provides a valuable starting point. We’ve observed that experiencing improvement often changes our clients’ attitudes, making them more hopeful and energized. Many continue their treatment through online consultations and herbal medicine support after returning home.

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