Medical Tourism: Interview with the patient, a 40-Year-Old man with chronic pain and hearing problems

Text by client, Mr. Kuchkov and Balance Health Team

An inspiring medical trip story of Mr.Kuchkov from Russia

In early July, Mr. Kuchkov embarked on a 12-hour flight from his hometown to Hong Kong, accompanied by his wife, for a transformative medical tourism trip. Seeking relief from chronic pain and hearing issues, Kuchkov’s journey led him to Balance Health, where he received expert care through TCM doctor consultations, acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha. Discover how these traditional Chinese medicine treatments revitalized Kuchkov’s health and well-being in our exclusive interview.  

Mr. K – Mr. Kuchkov      BH – Balance Health Team

BH: Can you share your first impressions of the clinic and the staff?

Mr. K: Everyone is friendly and has good energy. Dr. Clara is friendly and very kind. She pays very good attention to me. I feel like I am enjoying proper medical service from a professional. 

BH: How would you describe your overall experience with our clinic so far?

Mr. K: I am very happy with the overall experience. This is my 7th time treating here. I feel much better now. 

The result takes time. Like having a massage, you need to spend time to enjoy the result.

BH: How do you feel after the first acupuncture sessions?

Mr. K: Very Good. Acupuncture tops up my energy.

BH: What motivated you to seek acupuncture treatment abroad?

Mr. K: I worked in Hong Kong 15 years ago. I had a problem with my elbow and a TCM doctor helped me. I started to believe in TCM. I randomly watched the video on your YouTube channel. It makes me think of a medical trip. I started to plan a visit to HK. 

BH: Why did you choose our clinic over other options in your home country or other destinations?

Mr. K:  Having acupuncture must be in China. I believe it creates a different energy in the motherland.

BH: What factors were most important to you when choosing a medical tourism destination?

Mr. K: Choosing the right doctor. I spend time and money on medical service. It took me 12 hours from my hometown to Moscow and Hong Kong. It’s not fun but a  serious trip . I expect the treatment would really help. 

BH: Will you recommend our service to your friends and your family?

Mr. K:  Yes, of course.

BH: Do you have any suggestions for people who are hesitating on a medical trip?

Mr. K: You need to be brave to trust your own choice and the professionals. 

Many people are scared to take the first steps. Sometimes they miss the opportunity.

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