Suitable for: Postpartum breast care or those who have any breast issues.

TCM Comprehensive Breast Health Treatment

What you will get:

Comprehensive diagnosis for the first time to understand the past medical history and personal body constitution of your case.

3 x Acupuncture
Front: Systemic conditioning +Back: Open the chest and nourish the kidney.
3 x Moxibustion
1 x Cupping
2 x 45 mins Abdominal Release Herbal Massage
1x Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Complimentary 7 packets of Zero Additive Dried Fruit Tea Drink that costs HKD280
The herbal pack can be used as a bath or foot soak at home.

TCM Comprehensive Breast Health Treatment
TCM Comprehensive Breast Health Treatment

Key benefits:

– Provide guidance on living and eating habits based on personal body constitution and physical condition.

– Improve the function of liver, spleen and kidney through acupuncture, improve the function of the whole body, and flow smoothly the meridians.

– Through the warming and medicinal properties of wormwood, the moxibustion complemented with acupuncture, it prevent and improve overall health.

– Cupping to promote overall Qi and blood circulation, metabolize what the body does not need, so that the body has enough space to restore energy. It can also help people with blockage in the chest and upper back, who often feel chest tightness and back pain.

– Abdominal herbal massage can release the tightness of the abdomen and transform the long-term accumulated pressure. By using hot ironing, the herbal juice can be used to purify our upper, middle, and lower abdomen through the pores. It also supports the flow of Qi and blood in the breasts. From the perspective of meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, the breasts are connected closely to the uterus and digestive functions. This is a holistic treatment not only supports the health of the breasts, but also activates the uterine functions.

– Complemented with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy BCST, it relaxes the body and mind and helps the body return to its original mechanism. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the function of the internal organs returns to the original balance once it’s improved. It also improves sleep on insomnia problem and helps for people who has stress.


First Stage:
Diagnosis + acupuncture + moxibustion + cupping (80mins + Consultation included)

Second Stage: Acupuncture + Moxibustion + Abdominal Release Massage (100+mins)

Third Stage: Acupuncture + Moxibustion + Abdominal Release Herbal Massage + Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (120+ mins)

Price:8000HKD (Chinese Medicine is not included)

TCM Comprehensive Breast Health Treatment
TCM Comprehensive Breast Health Treatment


1. This course of treatment will be completed three times within a week, and an appointment is required.

2. Those who make an appointment, please allow two full hours for the second and third sessions, so that the practitioner can be more involved in the client’s body awareness in sufficient time. And will also help for better effect when allowing enough time to rest and relax in the full session.

3. 10% discount offer on the regular price of herbal medicine if is needed, with an average of HKD99 per day (For regular price herbals only)

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