I often meet couples who are trying to conceive in the clinic, so I would like to share with you how Chinese medicine can help you to improve your body functions and increase your chances of conceiving, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Nowadays, due to the high pressure of life, coupled with dietary and environmental changes, infertility is indeed increasing. About one out of every seven or eight couples suffer from infertility.

The concept of infertility is that couples or male and female friends who live together, have normal sexual behavior, and do not use specific contraceptive methods have not been pregnant for about a year, and if they are elderly (34 years of age or older) and have not been pregnant for half a year, they can see a Chinese medicine practitioner earlier.

Nowadays, some pregnant couples are beginning to realize the importance of physical conditioning. Chinese medicine emphasizes the importance of innate quality and psychological preparation, which is very helpful for pregnancy. There are many clinicians who try to do in vitro fertilization (IVF) as soon as they encounter infertility problems. They neglect the fact that Chinese medicine can actually help them get pregnant initially. In the thousands of years of experience of traditional Chinese medicine, through personal visits, it is almost common for many people to get pregnant on the basis of Chinese medicine. However, it is true that the combination of Chinese medicine and acupuncture takes time and requires patience.

What are the characteristics of Chinese medicine in treating infertility?

  1. The biggest difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that Chinese medicine emphasizes the holistic approach.

The body is a complete system that interacts with each other, so when we look at infertility, we will ask questions from the beginning to the end, looking for the message of infertility and finding the cause of the disease.

For example:

In one case, she had been infertile for a long time, but her body was not uncomfortable, he was afraid of cold and had cold hands and feet, but everything else was normal. We treated her fear of cold and cold hands and feet with the holistic approach of Chinese medicine, and after taking the medicine, she felt very warm, and she got pregnant a while later, and is now a mother. If we only treat infertility from a localized perspective, such as treating only the reproductive organs, we will not be able to help pregnancy. This is why Chinese medicine is characterized by its holistic approach.

  1. Chinese medicine is a personalized treatment, and the medication used varies from person to person. Whenever an infertility patient introduces a friend to me for treatment, they often find that we prescribe different medications. Because each person’s constitution and cause of disease is different, some people are afraid of cold , some people are lower abdominal pain inflammatory , some people are anxious  … etc. So we will according to the different causes and , we will use the herbs and acupoint according to the different reasons. This is another characteristic of Chinese medicine, which is mild and has no obvious side effects.

Dr. Grace Yu (游心慈) from Taiwan, Hong Kong registered Chinese medicine practitioners, will be in Hong Kong in mid-March(March11-19), if there is a need to understand about infertility and experiential health , welcome to ask, and also service remote online consultation.”

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