Tcm Herbal Tips Recipes During Covid

Immunity boost is one the top priorities of most of us today. As it says, the best gift that we can give to our family and ourselves nowadays is good health. The question now is how do we gear up ourselves and boost our immunity to fight off diseases and infections such as the covid-19. This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine comes in.

With a broad range of alternative, effective and non-invasive practices, TCM offers various methods to strengthen our immunity against covid. With reference to the vast experience of healing covid in China, Chinese herbal prescription is found to be effective in preventing and healing the Covid cases with mild to normal symptoms. It can also help with post covid rehabilitation.

Following is an English translated excerpt from a special presentation prepared by the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Sector Anti-epidemic Alliance to introduce some preventive measures for coronavirus disease with Chinese herbal decoctions, and medicated soup.

Food plays a very important role in Chinese culture. For thousands of years, Chinese have made the most out of their food and cooking techniques. It’s also very common for Chinese to  integrate herbal medicine into their daily diet so as to optimize the therapeutic effect of their regular meal.

It was mentioned in “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine,” when the 5 flavors of food enter our stomach, they will enter into their preferred visceral systems, e.g. the sour taste will enter the liver, and the bitter taste will enter the heart. By utilizing this unique corresponding feature,  food of different taste could work together with herbal medicine and unique ways of cooking to create delectable medicated dishes or soups with high therapeutic value.

During the current epidemic, patients can use medicated soup to rebalance their body condition and boost their immunity while healthy people can use them to maintain health.


Astragalus Yuzhu Longan Soup黃芪玉竹桂圓湯 

Ingredients:  (for 2 person)

Astragalus 黃芪  15g

Yuzhu 玉竹 15g

Dried longan 桂圓 15g

Above ingredients could be cooked with or without pork and conch.

Cooking time: 2 hours


Nourish and strengthen the body, tonify the lung system, moisten dryness-syndrome and calm the mind


Qingbuliang spleen tonifying  soup清補涼健脾湯

Ingredients:  (for 4 person)

Chinese yam 淮山  30g

Dried lotus seed 蓮子 30g

Euryale ferox 肇實 30g

Dried Lily bulb 百合 30g

Coix seed 薏苡仁 15g

Dried longan 桂圓 15g

Tangerine peel 陳皮 2 pieces

Above ingredients could be cooked with or without pork shank or pork rib 

Cooking time: 2 hours

Function: tonify and nourish, remove dampness from the spleen system, nourish the heart system, moisten the lung and prevent catching a cold

Living in a pandemic, Chinese herbal medicine could help us to prevent contracting disease, but not everyone needs to take Chinese medicine.  In general, we may divide the population into 3 segments:

The first segment is low-risk people: Citizens from this segment do not have any close contact with patients who suffered from covid, they have low risk of being infected. They can follow their usual health maintenance regimen, eating healthily and resting properly.

The second segment is high-risk asymptomatic people: They have had close contact with the diagnosed, but have no symptoms, they can take preventive treatments according to their body constitution. Following are two prescriptions formulated by the Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association which may suit the need of this segment.

Coronavirus Disease Prevention Prescription No. 1

This prescription can help detoxify the lungs and remove dampness and turbidity. This formula is suitable for those who have normal digestive function and, ordinary or relatively strong body constitution.

Ingredients include:

  • Honeysuckle 金銀花 10g
  •  Forsythia 連翹 10g
  •  Banlangen (Isatis root) 板藍根 10g
  •  Reed root 蘆根 10g
  •  Mulberry bark 桑白皮 10g
  •  Largehead Atractylodes 白朮 10g
  •  Agaricus 藿香 8g
  •  Raw licorice 生甘草 3g

Coronavirus Disease Prevention Prescription No. 2

This prescription can invigorate Qi to protect a person from contracting external pathogens, reduce the dampness in the body, and detoxify. Suitable for those people who have qi or yang deficiency body constitution and those who normally suffer from coldness,  poor digestive function , poor appetite and loose stools.


  • Astragalus 黃芪 15g
  • Largehead Atractylodes 白朮 10g
  • Swordlike Atractylodes 蒼朮 10g
  • Fangfeng 防風 10g
  • Agaricus 藿香 10g
  • Banlangen (Isatis root) 板藍根 10g
  • Honeysuckle 金銀花 10g
  • Forsythia 連翹 10g

The above prescriptions are for adults, one dose per day.

Cooking method:Soak the herbs in three bowls of water for half an hour, bring it to boil with high heat, then turn to medium heat and cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue, and leave one and a half bowls of medicine, take it once in the morning and once in the evening separately.

The above Chinese medicine prescriptions contain Chinese medicines with significant therapeutic function. It is recommended to take them under the guidance of registered Chinese medicine practitioners.

As for high-risk people, including those who have been closely contacted with covid patients and have symptoms such as fever at the same time, they are in the medical observation period and should seek medical attention immediately.

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