Traditional Chinese Medicine and ADHD in Children


Dr. Grace Yu  (游心慈)

——– Chinese medicine practitioner 

The following can also be used for adults with ADHD (loss of concentration, easily agitated, sleep disorders, etc.)

“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has gradually gained public attention over the past decade. The focus of attention is mainly on the brain level, with major studies on brain waves,etc. However, in addition to poor concentration, hyperactivity or impulsivity in behavior, 70% of the children in the clinical setting have a fear of heat, irregular bowel movements, sweaty palms and inexplicable restlessness, and most of them are accompanied by nose allergies, nasal congestion or asthma, and even sleep convulsions and sleepwalking in their sleep. However, it may not be easy to observe, and can usually be felt by touching directly, and of course, there are also manifestations such as nocturia. Chinese medicine practitioners check the symptoms from the point of view of the syndrome, including spleen-lung qi deficiency, liver-kidney deficiency, heart-spleen deficiency, liver-wind internal movement and stomach-heat type, and so on. Because the treatment of hyperactivity disorder in children with western medicine is usually accompanied by side effects such as insomnia or loss of appetite, so in the bedside often receive parents seeking help.

Children are always energetic, often playing  happily, which is also pleasing. For some parents, if their child is overly active, concentration is not focused, emotional instability, it is inevitable to worry about whether it is suffering from pediatric hyperactivity disorder, as to whether it is pediatric hyperactivity disorder, it is necessary to go through further diagnosis to determine.

The causes of ADHD are many and varied. In addition to the physiological need to regain balance, there may also be an internal desire to attract the attention of family members through these movements.

In addition to treatments such as herbs, acupuncture, and bio-kinetic head-seeing therapy, pediatric ADHD also requires a healthy diet that reduces fried and sweet foods. Parents who are patient with their children in an integrated approach to treatment will help their children slowly regain their focus.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and ADHD in Children

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with acupressure points to improve children’s ability to concentrate.


BCSTis a non-invasive treatment, the whole process is to use the therapist’s hands to listen to the body’s rhythms in different parts of the body. It has a good effect on brain nerve damage and even headaches, autism, hyperactivity and other symptoms. For symptoms such as overstimulation, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, circulatory disorders, and musculo-neurological problems.

A 10 year old boy, whose emotions had been the most challenging part of his parenting, they recognized that the child was Asperger’s and that he had unconscious aggressive behavior in his life. With the child’s consent, they were willing to try BCST with acupoint together. During the 40 minutes on the treatment bed, the boy was a little tense at first, but he started to want to sleep a little bit during the process, and I could feel that there was some space in his spine, and he was relaxing. When the space in the spine is overcrowded, it is easy to affect people’s emotions and nerves. Of course, during the process, parents are also encouraged to stabilize themselves first. All the conditions of the child mostly reflect the state of the parents, and a lot of things are invisible. After the treatment, the child seems to be more relaxed and can feel more able to communicate, and the parents also feel more relaxed. In fact, it is a process of looking at the child and recognizing oneself from a new perspective.

Emotions are out of control, making ADHD unable to understand why they are so impulsive and unable to control themselves. They will lose self-confidence and gradually give up.

Therefore, counseling must focus on soothing emotions, understanding their busyness and helplessness, and creating and cultivating self-confidence. Even if it’s different, you are still the same great . ADHD often gets creative because they don’t want to be bored, or they can’t stop and have good mobility. Of course, this requires conscious training.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and ADHD in Children

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