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The health and safety of our clients is always our number one priority. Due to the current Novel Coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong and the rest of the world we are now offering remote consultation services to allow you to communicate with our doctors and get professional advice from the comfort of your own home.

Our Traditional Chinese doctors can help you with the following treatments:

1. Immunity Boost with Chinese Herbs

During these stressful times, it is important to practice preventive healthcare. Chinese medicine helps activate your immune system and strengthens body defenses to prevent diseases and viruses. Consult with our TCM doctors on which herbs are best for you.

2. Fight Cold and Flu with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Manage any viral attack and get better quickly with natural treatments. Depending on your symptoms, our TCM doctors can suggest different formulations to best help you recover.

3. Treatment of Chronic diseases and Infertility

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors are certified licensed and can help relieve patients suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, women’s health issues such as infertility, menopause, PMS and hormonal imbalances, allergies, asthma and digestive issues.

Online Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultations

How it works?

  1. Book an appointment via phone or email
  2. Fill in a health questionnaire
  3. Pay for your consultation (via bank transfer or Paypal)
  4. Video or Phone consultation with our TCM doctor (using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc)
  5. Receive your diagnosis and prescription
  6. Order medicine pack
  7. Pay for medicine pack (via bank transfer or Paypal)
  8. Your personal package is delivered to your home or office
  9. Find your internal balance and book a follow-up consultation (if required)
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