Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

What are the best TCM treatments for the skin?

Usually if you’re seeking for some treatment for your skin, especially on your face, we suggest facial acupuncture and also the gua sha treatment or some body work services like working on your neck and shoulder and the head and in the whole system. So those are the treatments we recommend for the scheme purpose.

Is it efficient to be treated both by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine?

Actually TCM and Western Medicine are working based on different knowledge and different philosophies. And we all have different strengths. So it will be nice if we can work together, but still we need to consider what’s the purpose and also what’s the situation for your case. So if you really have some concern about your body, you have some questions about whether in your case we can combine the two fields to work together, it’s better if you can come and have a consultation first with us. That way we’ll find out whether it’s the best choice for you.

What is the TCM treatment for menstrual pain?

Okay, so to treat the painful menstruation, we recommend before the menstrual period, we need to do some preparation work to prepare your body for the better and smoothly get over through that time of spirit. So before your menstrual period, we would recommend you to come to the clinic and have some acupuncture or mucus suppression and try to warm up your belly, warm up all the organs here. And then during the menstrual period, you can just have a rest. You don’t need to do any treatments, except if you still have very painful menstruation, you can still come. And then after the period, it’s also very important you need to maintain, you need to do some maintenance. So actually through the whole menstrual cycle we will have different treatments targeting different needs.

What is gua sha and does it hurt?

Okay, so gua sha is like a massage being done by some tools. So you may say some different boards or different shapes of the tools are commonly used for gua sha. So actually it can work on different parts of our body. And then it’s a little bit similar to that massage, but with the tools, actually we can work on a deeper layer of the tissues, not only just the skin. And so in this process, we are not only moving, keeping the energy moving through this area, but also help with some toxin leaking out and make it have a way out of your body as well. So during the whole process, it may cause a certain degree of painful feeling, but should be within your tolerance. And actually still through all the procedures, we can communicate. If you feel like the pressure is too painful, we can always adjust it. So we can make it go smoothly and make you feel relaxed after the treatment.

How do you feel about cupping?

Actually cupping is a very powerful tool and treatment not just for back pain but on other parts too. However cupping is common to be done on the back because we choose the of their most important meridian that helps release all the toxins from our body. That’s why we always put cups on that meridian. But actually, cupping can also work on releasing painful muscle or muscle tiredness,

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