Postnatal Program

Postnatal Program

There are three stages in the life of a woman that influence her health and wellbeing: the menarche, postpartum and menopause.

After giving birth the body needs to recreate and improve its condition. It is also a phase of improving body weaknesses in order to prepare for another pregnancy and to counterbalance disorders such as back pain, early menopause, osteoporosis and others.


Mothers are prone to changes in the following aspects :

① Wang Xue disability allowance : in childbirth force, creating and producing blood bleeding so big injury, Lotus emptiness, changed his birth disease ;

② bleeding resistance : Postpartum Yu turbid liquid prone to blood stasis , or afterbirth retention, cult poison or infection , blood channel resistance, septicemia for the sick ;

③ postpartum various diseases: Lochiorrhea , lochia high, postpartum abdominal pain, postpartum body pain , acute mastitis, post-Queru , postpartum constipation , postpartum sweating , etc., not only their own suffering , but also will affect the newborn nursery . Therefore, postpartum conditioning is very important.

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner will support provide professional advice on:
– the improvement of postpartum physical problems
– step-wise approach to help smoothening lochia, promote blood circulation, adjust the yin and yang, promote milk secretion and to ensure the healthy growth of the baby
– treat postpartum abdominal pain, body pain , constipation and sweating
– provide guidance on physical exercises leading to a healthy body which will help the mother to recover

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