Summer Moxibustion

Summer Moxibustion

What is Summer Moxibustion?
Summer Moxibustion is a powerful Chinese Medicine treatment to re-balance the body during the ‘Dog Days’, referring to the hottest days of the year commonly experienced from mid July to August.

Chinese Medicine practitioners leverage the Yang energy (Warmth) of the Dog Days to effectively treat illnesses that originate from the cold in the body. These can be colds carried over from winter or spring, skin issues such as eczema or illnesses such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, stomach ache, cold cough due to Yang-deficiency, or to treat an overall weak immune system.

During the Dog Days the Yang energy is strongest and a person’s circulation is at its smoothest state. Hence applying custom formulated warm herbs on selected acupuncture points during the Dog Days is particularly effective. The warming yang energy from the herbs can penetrate easily into the body where they can reach and treat the roots of the illness.

How does it work?
Similar to traditional acupuncture which involves the insertion of fine needles, this treatment also improves our health by stimulating acupuncture points. The TCM doctor will mash herbs – like garlic, buttercup, Spanish fly & white mustard seed – into powder which will then be mixed with honey & ginger juice to form a paste. Once the paste is applied to a particular acupuncture point, the herbs diffuse into the body, working to smoothen the circulation of vital energy, strengthen the organs, regulate Qi and balance the Yin & Yang within the body.

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