Acupuncture Shows Effectiveness in TMJ & Facial Paralysis Recovery

Acupuncture Shows Effectiveness in TMJ & Facial Paralysis Recovery

Acupuncture is one of the most effective holistic traditional Chinese medicine treatments today. Some people deem it as a miracle treatment as it can improve our quality of life. It can help treat various medical conditions. These range from stress, cramps, allergies, anxieties up to back pain and even chronic pain.

Acupuncture’s effectiveness is not limited to common health issues. It also shows promise in treating facial paralysis and TMJ disorder. A clinical study of 70 dental patients proved acupuncture for TMJ to be effective. Results showed that 85% of participants have 75% decreased pain intensity after completing their treatment sessions.

How Does TMJ Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture works by relieving the underlying stress off of our jaw and facial muscles. The process starts with the experts inserting thin needles into the acupressure points. These points will then  release the pressure and trigger the natural healing processes of our body.

Acupuncture treatment is holistic. Patients will truly benefit from this method since it will also target the other pressure points in our body and will aim to address the root cause of the medical condition. With this holistic approach, it hopes that all the other related medical issues will also be resolved in the same treatment sessions.

The Best Facial Acupuncture Near Me

Electro acupuncture is also effective for facial paralysis recovery. It targets the root cause of the problem, stimulates blood flow and brings the Qi energy back to balance. There are different acupuncture Hong Kong classes available nowadays. Oriental Health has registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to help you identify the best treatment method for you. Be it facial acupuncture or abdominal acupuncture, our TCM doctor and other wellness experts will be there to guide you in this journey.

Learn more about Oriental Health acupuncture Hong Kong sessions and other effective wellness treatments such as fertility and women’s treatmentsChinese herbs treatments for various conditions and virtual TCM consultations. Heal, grow and have a blissful life. Contact us and book your acupuncture Hong Kong treatment with the expert.


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