Success Story: Acupuncture and Craniosacral Treats Patient With Menstrual Disruptions

During a session on body sensation, we found that most people can feel where their head, neck, hands, and feet are located. Compared to these areas, many people have difficulty connecting to local areas such as the upper and lower abdomen and breasts, unless they have a medical condition, such as gastritis or menstruation.

A**ce is an almost 45-year-old woman who came for consultation because of menstrual disruptions in the past three months, as well as unbearable hotness at night that affected her sleep. She was diagnosed with these symptoms related to the onset of menopause. Her Yin essence of kidney and liver were slightly deficient, but more than that, her spleen and stomach system was stagnant, making it difficult to distribute nutrients to her liver, kidney and other organs. When she was lying on the treatment bed,she could see that her shoulders and waist could not fall easily on the bed and even arched a bit. She only felt soreness in his lower back, also understood that she usually did not breathe well and often felt chest tightness.I first touched her abdomen and gradually pressed deeper and deeper, reaching a point where the muscles suddenly popped and she felt a great boredom. sHe shared that she often ate very quickly and could not feel the joy that food brought to her. During the process, she learned that she often forced herself to accept things she could not bear, so her breath was often held.

Through the use of acupuncture point guidance and the Craniosacral Therapy,  assist in the release of pressure in the head and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

As the whole body relaxes, the Qi begins to flow, the shoulders relax, and the fears in the beliefs are relaxed. This is combined with herbs for the liver and kidneys to replenish the body with the support it needs.

In the following days, he felt better sleep, more strength in his lower back, and happiest of all, less tightness in his breathing and better quality of sleep. With each session, she became more sensitive to her body and more aware of how to adjust and seek help for discomfort in the moment.

The body and the mind are inseparable, and it is important to understand yourself through your body so that your energy is not frozen.


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