Infertility Problems Today: A Clinical Guide to Your Fertility Journey

Infertility problems are becoming prevalent nowadays. In a 2020 report released by WHO, 15% or 48 million of couples in the world are infertile. The modern times have brought in factors and stressors that resulted in this trend.

Infertility is a problem that is not just affecting women. It can also be due to male factors. Records say that around 30% of cases are because of male factors. Meanwhile, about 30% of cases are issues affecting both partners.

Identifying and treating the root cause of the problem is the key to a successful infertility treatment and fertility journey. Join me as we have a deeper look at the common fertility issues today.

Infertility in Women and Men

Fertility is a two-way road. The health of both partner

s is crucial to fertility. Male infertility has various causes. It can be a mix of several factors or can be due to a single cause. Poor sperm motility, low sperm concentration and abnormal morphology are the common causes of infertility in men. On top of that, many researchers agree that environmental pollution can also contribute to the problem.

Now, let us go through the factors affecting infertility in women. Female infertility can be due to age. In most cases, infertility in women is because of general health conditions. Among these are uterine health, fallopian tube blockage and ovarian function disruption.


The advancements in our society have a ripple effect. It has affected the way of life of people as well as our perception. Due to the pressures in modern times, many couples decide to have families in their 30s. Yet, in the past, it was in the early 20s when people started to build their own families.

This trend has a great impact on women’s ability to conceive and have a child. Clinically speaking, women’s fertility starts to decline when they reach the late 20s or they are in their early 30s. However, it does not mean that there is no solution to this situation. There are experts especially in the field of oriental health or traditional Chinese medicine who can help you address this and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Ovarian Function Disruption

For a woman to get pregnant, one should be able to produce a healthy egg. This process starts with having a healthy ovary. Today, there are two conditions that are affecting a population of women and giving them a hard time to conceive. 

Premature ovarian insufficiency is a health condition wherein the ovary fails to release the egg every month. Eating disorders, genetic conditions, surgeries and other factors can cause POI.

On the other hand, polycystic ovarian syndrome is a situation wherein the female body produces abnormal levels of male hormones called androgens. Symptoms of PCOS are irregular or no menstruation, hirsutism and weight gain. 

To help with these conditions, there are effective treatments that Oriental Health experts can recommend to help regulate menstrual flow and ovulation. These treatments are also important to support egg maturity and in turn achieve fertility.

Fallopian Tube Blockage

Another important factor to look at is the fallopian tube health status of a woman. It is possible that there are blockages or obstructions in this area that are causing unsuccessful fertilization. Ectopic pregnancy, ligation, uterus blockages and prior operation are the possible causes of the blockage. 

TCM doctors can also assist you in this matter. They have years of experience in herbal medicine, acupuncture and other methods that can help removing blockage.

Uterus Condition

Conception and fetal development happen in the uterus. Hence, it is important that a woman has a healthy uterus upon fertilization. It may help to look at the different factors affecting unsuccessful embryo plantation to increase one’s chances of getting pregnant. Among these factors are hormonal imbalance, uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. 

Oriental Health is one of the leading TCM clinics in Hong Kong that can help you in this matter. Dr. Clara Chan shares her clinical expertise in this matter in the video below. Along with the causes of infertility, Dr. Chan provides an overview of the TCM treatments that enhance fertility and pregnancy journey.

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